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The only thing worse that LBB are juvenile LBBs

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Out east of Buffalo WY, on the prowl for Sprague's Pipit, which we recorded five days prior, but have not spotted. This is grass land along a dirt road, with sage brush in the vicinity and a few low lying ponds not too far away. In an effort to further document the Pipit, I took a photo of every LBB I crossed paths with, and I think I'm about sparrowed out trying to ID them all. Help here is mucho appreciated.

We have Western Meadowlarks, and Horned Larks here, a lot of them, and Chestnut Collared Longspur. Lark Bunting, Grasshopper Sparrow, Brewer's Sparrow all in the neighborhood. Occasional Clay Colored Sparrow. This is a new IBA for our local Audubon, over 20k acres, and so I'd like to make sure we record everything we can, and correctly, as the land owner is very interested in sensitive species. I think the bill rules out the Pipit on these, but I wanted to make sure with some other opinions.


1) I think juvenile Horned Lark...




2) Maybe female Longspur?




3) Looks a lot like two but does not have the white edges on the wings.







Thank you in advance for any IDs and tips and tricks on these guys. ?

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