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Raven or Crow?

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Just comparing the photo to a guide, the shape of the bill has me wanting to lean raven... but, I'm not all that great with these. when such a bird flies over I get mad when they don't call as that always helps. we've only confirmed one raven up in NH a couple summers ago and its behavior was the easiest thing to tip us off. It was circling like you might see a bird of prey do...  just soaring round and round and round. Was a life bird for us so we felt lucky to not only find it but also have it soar around for a while.

anyway... Looking at most of that bird I can't say... bill wants me to say raven but definitely wait for other people to respond.

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and just to confuse matters....I would have said crow - the bird seems a bit "smooth" to be a raven though i have not seen an eastern one...only out west.  Also the crows in MD seem to fly in flocks - murders ...if that helps while the ravens i was in the west were usually in pairs if not singly

but as Millipede said - bet wait for others

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2 hours ago, jcarscadden said:

I would have said crow - the bird seems a bit "smooth" to be a raven

I had the same thought about this bird but, I wasn't sure if a simple change in posture could throw me off. So I chose to try not to use that as an ID point.

Still waiting for some more experienced thoughts to support or correct either one of us.

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