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On 4/4/2019 at 1:52 PM, papernpaste said:

I've learned the hard way that, if you are at any appreciable distance from the subject, your ability to determine size is greatly diminished

indeed... unless you have something specific to reference to... say another bird nearby you can identify easily...

6 hours ago, Metaquatic said:

White-crowned Pigeon in Key West or South Florida?


I thought this comment was out of place til I looked it up and realized you're making a suggestion. Interesting bird... I wasn't familiar with them.

Joie, it's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to answer this with no picture and not a ton of detail... Mysteries like this are a little fun but also VERY frustrating for me. I like knowing... and hate not knowing. HA. 
We'd need a lot more detail... habitat... behavior... anything the bird could be compared to... sounds...  any info MIGHT help... I say might because in the end, we're just guessing. And sometimes when someone describes what they see, then people give suggestions, it's easy to then take those suggestions and go along with them and still not REALLY be sure.

They've offered a few possibilities... have you considered any of them yet?
I honestly wish I could really help here. I have lots of birds go unidentified from time to time... ones that fly over or through the area and are gone before I can get a good enough look.

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