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Sparrow and a warbler from NH

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Hi Folks,

This is from the same trip (in White Mountains region in NH) for which I had asked earlier about the Bicknell's/Hermit thrush. I would like your thoughts on the following two birds:

1) A Lincoln's sparrow? [While it does not have the crisp streaks on the breast I've seen on an adult, it does not look like a swamp or song sparrow to me either]


2) A young or female Common Yellowthroat? [The faint eyebrow is throwing me off]


Thanks for the help!

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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your input. The reason I did not think it was a Song sparrow was because:

- I would expect the streaks on chest to be more discernible, extending further down, and may be a small spot on the chest

- More contrasting facial patterns (see first photo)

Of course, if this was a juvenile, then I am not confident about the points mentioned above :)

- Nevine

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