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I wish I had been able to get better pictures, but the story is a good one. Front porch here in San Antonio about mid-afternoon. I had just came out onto the porch and I had just sat down. There were several white-winged doves on the ground underneath the areas of my feeders. There also must have been a whole bunch more up in the trees that I was unaware of until this: a small hawk/raptor came flying into my trees under the upper canopy and scared off all of the doves and anything sitting on my feeders. He went out the back side of my trees, circled around, and flew into the trees on my neighbor across the street - which is where a lot of the birds scattered to.  Appearance: He was smaller than the red-shouldered hawk we have in the neighborhood area. He was light colored underneath and appeared to have light brown/russet bands on the underside of his wings. When he circled and went into the neighbor's trees, I got a decent look at his tail. He appeared to have the same light colored brown/russet bands on his tail. I included the best pic I could get that would lighten up and one that shows his silhouette and wing profile pretty well. Hopefully it can be enough for an identification. When I looked at the pic, I wondered about a red-tail, but he was smaller than the red-shouldered.



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