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west Houston Cooper??

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Looking for help with a small accipiter in west Houston TX.  I am assuming it is a rather small Cooper, juvenile? Maybe recently kicked out of the nest?  It is overall darkish, rounded basal tail feathers, but chest is not streaked as I would expect in a juvenile, nor is it rufous as I would expect in an adult.  And as I said before, it is a small bird so I am wondering if it is recently out of the nest, or some exotic that should not be here in west Houston.  Any insights will be most appreciated..



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This is an adult Broad-winged Hawk.  The tail is much too short for any Accipiter.  A Red-shouldered would be less compact and would have a slightly longer tail with thinner bands, contrasting barring on the flight feathers, and a lighter, more orange/red color overall.

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Kerri, Nuts,

Thanks for the help, I was way off base!  Actually, there are a ton of Broad Wings in the area this morning so I really ought to have been on top of it.  As it wasn't soaring about, a Broad wing didn't occur to me.  In french its called a Petite buse..  "Petite" pretty much sums it up, small f'sure..

Thanks again!


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Nice photos! I've noticed a high influx of raptor migration this week here in the Heart of Texas. Today I had half a dozen Broad-winged and almost as many Swainson's, plus a Red-shouldered, Cooper's, and two Red-tailed. 

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Thanks for the note and compliment, I was lucky to have my camera with me at the time.  I have posted the photos to eBird along with my other sightings for the day.  Definitely a lot of braodwings out now...  The one I saw in the tree was the first I have ever seen up close, that is why I was thrown off, was so unexpected.  


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