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5 different birds at Hyde Park, London

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Visited Hyde Park, London in Aug 2013.  All of these 5 photos are taken as I walked around the lake.  Appreciate some help to ID them.  Thanks.

I think Pic 1 is a Cormorant but not sure if this is the Lesser or Greater or ?  Pic 5 is likely a dove or pigeon, possibly just a Rock Pigeon?  Pic 3 looks like a small sized gull or some seabird.  






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2 hours ago, MattR said:

1. Great Cormorant with Canada Goose and Greylag Goose in background. 

2. (Juvenile)  blackbird. 

3. Black-headed Gull. 

4. Great Tit. 

5. Woodpigeon. 

Amazing … thanks!  You surely do know birds outside of the US eh?  I have another shot/angle of the Blackbird juvenile.  The black-headed gull is in the non-breeding plumage right?  or is it a juvenile?

Blackbird juvenile2.jpg

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