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starling abatement

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i have a question about starling abatement and a nest box i recently built. the nest box dimensions are for a northern flicker that visits occasionally. it is mounted inside the peak of my barn - approx 16 feet up. with pine chips inside and just a 2 1/2 inch hole on the surface of the barn. a pair of starlings took residence within 30 minutes of my opening it. interestingly, the two sparrow nest boxes that straddle the flicker hole at the same height were instantly abandoned when the starlings showed up... i saw neither hide nor hair of those sparrows during the two days i left the flicker hole open... finally i covered it, as the sparrows had already committed to nest building and the starlings had not. 

since starlings i discovered are year round residents of southern oregon i see no hope of every getting a flicker in the nest box i built for them.  however, if i were to open the flicker hole at night only might i encourage an owl to nest in it? this barn peak flicker nest box overlooks my garden in a very urban locality.

any information regarding starling abatement (i do not kill any bird so that avenue is out) or  ideas on how to encourage anything but starlings,  would be welcome.

thank you,






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