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I went on a day trip to Monhegan island today and was hoping I might see a shearwater of some sort.  I think that I did, but am quite clueless on ID of shearwaters.  I think that maybe the first two birds are Manx Shearwater.  The third bird I would default to common Tern, but the wings look too long and slender and the tail looks unusual.  Could be just the angle I took the shots at.  We were on a fast ferry, so I just clicked off shots and got what I got.  Appreciate any help.


1.  Above 2 pics are the same bird which may be a Manx Shearwater


2.  Above 2 pics are another bird, but I think might also be a Manx Shearwater


3.  Above pics are admittedly not great, and highly cropped.  From the first and third pic I would go with common tern, as that is sort of the default here.  That second pic has me wondering though, with the long slender wings and unusual tail spread.  Not what I am used to seeing for common tern.

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Thanks Akiley.  I should have considered Northern Gannet, but they looked so different from the adult, that it did not dawn on me these are Gannets.  Saw a bunch of mature Gannets last year in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and had they been adult I'd have known what they were.  There have been Arctic terns seen in this area, but I am also not sure how to tell them apart, especially at a distance and with details obliterated by poor photos.  Maybe there is something distinctive that someone else knows about.

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