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This is technically a birding trip report... I saw this turtle while birding. I really need to find(so many missing things) my reptiles and amphibians of arkansas book.
Trying to find images online and being CERTAIN about it can be two different things. I'm leaning towards it being a red-eared slider but, the images I have of it are with it tucked in the shell pretty good... in a few pictures you can see a thin line of red in a short line between but above-ish the eye and nose. 
The picture is the turtle you can see if you hover over my name or just go see my profile.

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On 4/11/2019 at 9:31 PM, lonestranger said:

Looking forward to reading your trip report about your birding, since technically it's not a birding trip report without a report about birding. :classic_wink: Good luck with your turtle ID. 

Ok... ?

March 29, 2017 in NW Arkansas...  This is just a partial list since I don't have the notebook it's in right in front of me... this is just all I have pictures of.

least sandpipers
pectoral sandpipers
blue-winged teal
american wigeon
A dead sora ?
great egret
killdeer(including eggs)
american coot
red-tailed hawk
song sparrows
greater yellowlegs
green heron
barn swallow

11 hours ago, birdbrain22 said:

It would be much better for ID if you posted the FULL pic in this thread.


5 hours ago, birdbrain22 said:

I'd like to know how you are eliminating some of the Map Turtle species from that limited photo? 

I'm not an expert by any means either... but I went to a site for the herps of Arkansas and compared pictures. The facial pattern sure matched the red-eared slider more than the map turtles. And though it doesn't really show in this picture, there's a line from the top of the nose to the eye that shows some red.


How long was the site down this time???  Was refreshing this at some point getting errors... ? 

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On 4/13/2019 at 9:48 PM, Kevin said:

I am not a turtle expert. But from this picture I think you have a Red-eared Slider.

Same impression here. Seen a rear-eared slider before and they look very identical.

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