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Thought it was a Say's Phoebe.

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Today, south of Truth or Consequences, NM on Choalla Reservoir I got this shot of what I thought was a Say's Phoebe but when I got back and put it up on the computer I saw it wasn't a Say's...

What a delight, another lifer, 3rd in two days.  Happy duck here.  It's not a Say's, right? :-)156321772_CassinsKingbird.jpg.f5652981f99bfbb66ef4a57fc19d64f5.jpg

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335276949_whitetail.thumb.jpg.6c2b7f94c4a79800bfbf77d9c66b9632.jpgcompare.thumb.jpg.bf84526d83c76deefc5e195835fe0cbc.jpgID'ing isn't so easy as I thought.  Here's another picture showing less pronounced white on tail and dark eye patch.  And then I added another pic I pulled off the web.   Still wondering but will go with the final decision of my eagle eye friends here...Thanks for your help. 

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