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4/13/19 birds

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Fun day today... after watching a presentation at Hobbs State Park in NW Arkansas...(from a wildlife rehabber, displaying a kestrel, barred and great horned owls, and a turkey vulture) we stopped at a few spots on the way home... in the rain. Turned out to be worth it with some birds in breeding plumage that we'd only ever seen in their drab winter colors here in AR... like a horned grebe and some bonaparte's gulls... was pretty awesome and they stayed close to get good looks. My only regret is my not so great camera and my less great photography skills... :(

Anyway, just want to confirm a few of the birds we saw.
1. At Hobbs we saw a pine siskin... This bird stayed on the back side of the feeder but we were thinking it was the(or another) siskin.


2. my daughter and I argued over this one... she says pine warbler. I THINK because of the lighting, distance, and rain I'm having a hard time seeing just what the bill looks like so, it's throwing me off a LOT.

3. We had 4 greater yellowlegs on a pond that were close and easy to determine. This was on the far bank and, I leaned lesser while in the field but now, leaning greater.

4. want to confirm american pipit. We know it's a pipit and generally, american is all we have here. This is the first we've seen in this color though so that was cool

5. greater or lesser? everyone's favorite question. In the field my daughter leaned lesser and I leaned greater. In the pictures now I could go either way but am leaning lesser at this point. Not much of an obvious nail... judging the peak is just a pain for me sometimes. The bird was smaller than the mallards it was hanging around with. These should be good enough photos... I have others but these were the best.

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So no thoughts on what I think is likely a greater yellowlegs?  I have other pictures but they're all crummy. This one here is the only other one that's any good and it's not really better but does make the bird look SLIGHTLY different, at least as far as colors go.



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I guess the photos are not good enough for that potential yellowlegs...  That's okay.  Unless it's some weird rare vagrant... then it's not okay to have an ID here. HA. 
Based on how it looks to me and what's expected I feel it has to be a yellowlegs but I'm not sweating it.

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I agree with Lesser for the Scaup (just based on head profile - the notch is not always well defined) and Greater for the Yellowlegs (body appears fairly bulky, appears to be lots of markings along the lower body and bill is just about long enough). However, always give my observations a lower weighting than the more experienced here.

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