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Common Moorhen, right? eBird disagrees?

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Orlando, Florida. September 14, 2019. I only took this one picture, unfortunately. This has to be a Common Moorhen, right? Red shield. White flank stripe and white tail visible. Red on back of leg. Usually the Coots and Allies are pretty simple. BUT, when I try to enter it in eBird, it's not listed as an option for Orlando. The SIbley's map doesn't show it's rare, but shows it should only be in this part of Florida in winter (so, September wouldn't be right). But, this is a Common Moorhen, right? I don't want to override eBird's generics unless I'm super sure.


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It's time to get a new field guide. 🙂  That's a common gallinule.  I have the same sibley guide sitting next to me and my daughter covered "moorhen" with "gallinule."  They make name changes every so often... it's frustrating. That's why moorhen isn't showing up on eBird.

It's VERY good that you don't want to submit without being sure as a lot of mistakes will go unchecked. BUT... anything that's rare, anything you have to manually put in... if you put it in anyway, it will get "flagged." and someone trained to review them will review the report and email you either asking you for more details on a rare sighting or simply correcting your mistake. So if something rare is reported incorrectly, it will get caught pretty fast. 🙂

So, no... not rare then... (I'm guessing you meant 2018.) but still a very cool bird. 🙂

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7 minutes ago, HamRHead said:

For what it's worth...



Well, I like moorhen better, lol!  I wish they would quit changing names...just about the time I get one learned someone comes along and renames it. :)

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