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West Coast BC - Multiple Birds Help

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I recently was on vacation at the Sunshine Coast and Victoria British Columbia, dates range from March 23rd to 29th. Struggling with these birds. Some pictures are better than others!

1) Revelstoke BC - Thinking it might be Pine Siskin


2) Lake Burnaby - Burnaby BC; Taken at sunset, thinking it is a Dowitcher, but having trouble determining between short-billed and long-billed


3) Sunshine Coast BC - Bird is on the ground in some bushes. I have no idea what it might be.


4) Sunshine Coast BC - Two different occurrences of a wren; could be same individual or different. No idea how / if it is possible to ID between Winter and Pacific Wren.

a) https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/winter-vs-pacific-wren.html

b) https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/pacific-vs-winter-wren.html

5) Sunshine Coast BC - Vireo or Flycatcher? First thought was maybe Hutton's Vireo


6) Sunshine Coast BC - Another occurrence of Vireo (or Flycatcher)? Same general location and date as # 5


7) Sunshine Coast BC - Same as # 5 & 6


8 Sunshine Coast BC - Loon in winter plummage?


9) Victoria BC - White Crowned Sparrow, Juvenile or Immature?


Thanks for your help 🙂





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1. Yes

2. Dowitcher sp.

3. Fox Sparrow, I believe 

4. Pacific Wren, by range 

5. Ruby-crowned Kinglet l

6. Ditto

7. Yellow-rumped Warbler 

8. Common Loon 

9. Not sure on age, but yes to WC Sparrow 

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