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UI Dove and a Cool Story

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Later afternoon here in San Antonio on Saturday 12 Apr. I had gone back over to around my son's high school to see if any of the birds I had spotted earlier in the day were still in the area - namely a hawk. No luck. So, just down the road a bit was a small parcel of land with a different variety of coniferous trees than the rest of the surroundings. Thought, hmmm, maybe I will check that out and see if perhaps there would be any different species to see; particularly golden cheeked warblers. 

As I was walking in the area, scared up a deer out of a small thicket. She stood there looking at me, I stood there looking at her until finally she took off. I continued walking up to the thicket she had been bedding down in and was looking at the wood line ahead of me. I turned to the thicket and saw something hanging in the branches. Hmmm. I took a couple of steps closer, focused my camera and low and behold, it was a snake. Don't know what kind, but a snake was going up the branches into the tree. Now, this was the same thicket the deer jumped out of.

Couldn't see the head of the snake, so I started to take a step to get a better angle, but before stepping I looked. Right at my feet was this little dove. Tiny little fellow. He didn't move, didn't fly off, and stayed stock still. So, I took some photos.

Based upon the feather, I think it may be an Inca Dove. But, it also looks young, so may be another species of dove. I have gotten better at identifying, but mainly males of the species. Still learning the females and really haven't started on the young ones.

So there you have it, a tale of a deer, a snake, and a dove. All in the same spot, literally.




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