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A bird and Nest in Connecticut, same in poland?

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I think i am going crazy becasue i think i saw the same bird back in poland before i am in usa. it was in fairfield or bridgeport in connecticut.

can it be same bird as in europe/poland? 

and what  is it in photo? it is from phone photo.




thank you. I am new here!!



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Yes, these are Ospreys, and they look like nestlings. Ospreys are present in Poland, however it's a different subspecies. American Osprey is P. h. carolinensis, and the nominate subspecies of Europe is P. h. haliaetus. 

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Thank you for the information. It is really great to know!

it will make me feel less homesick that it is the same bird, i think!

is it obvious physical characteristic that makes them different subspecies or down to dna level?


sorry my english sucks.


this is a big bird for a small state!


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