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I didn't know how else to title it. Lol.

On my local Audubon group, someone has a pair of Brown-headed Nuthatches nesting in a bluebird box. At my house, a wren house I've had out for years is finally being used. . . .by a pair of chickadees? I thought they liked tube shaped structures. They seems to be doing well, I spied a baby in there yesterday. 

Has anyone else experienced birds nesting somewhere unexpected? (Other than wrens, we know those Carolinas are CRAZY. Lol.)

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A couple of years ago, my 3 bluebird boxes were all used at the same time.  One had a pair of bluebirds, another had chickadees and the third one was brown-headed nuthatches.  The one and only time all boxes were used.  I've had chickadees nest in them before, but that was a first for the nuthatches.

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