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Two birds, bad photos- So. WI

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Saw these birds two days ago. 

The first bird in question (first 3 pics) is sitting on a branch, and about 7 o’clock from it is another bird that looks like it’s flying toward it. That bird is a brown thrasher for size comparison that took off while I was shooting it.
I’m not sure if the white that looks like a  ring around the bird’s neck is part of a branch or the bird. I’m also not sure if it’s looking backward or that’s just sunlight on leaves or something.  The green is probably aberration as that green is other places in the photo as well. 
The third photo must be the brown thrasher as it doesn’t look like the other bird and is not on the same branch. The two shots were one right after the other so I didn’t really see what was going on. 
It’s probably a bird I’m familiar with, just a lot of illusion in the photo. 

The second bird in question I shot through the windshield quite late in the day so I brightened them and added a hair of detail.  I thought it was a cowbird, but the bill didn't look quite right. But she could've had her head turned to get that effect I imagine.  

Thank you for your time!




















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