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Raptors of uncertain species.

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Golden eagles? Some flavor of buteo? F-16s?  I don't know. One of them has been around since early spring and since the mating flight four weeks ago, now there have been a pair.  I'm assuming they're newlyweds, so congratulations to them. When the wings are at maximum extension, there seem to be bands of light and dark brown running front to back, but maybe that's the sunlight playing tricks on me.

I cropped and cleaned up the shots as best I could and zoomed in as much as possible without losing detail. Not sure what they are besides gorgeous, but I'm not complaining. What say you?

June 23  (4).JPG

June 23  (5).JPG

June 23  (8).JPG

June 23  (10).JPG

June 23  (16).JPG

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14 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Yes, Red-tails with those red tails. ? The dark patagial bars (shoulder areas) and the band of streaks around the belly are also good field marks.

Gotta take your word on the red tails. I'm color blind.

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