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Not sure - Red-shouldered Hawk?

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This was this past Saturday at Lackland, AFB in San Antonio.  I was moving from one spot to another and saw this fellow soaring around over an open field with trees and a creek nearby.  I know there are red-shouldered and red-tailed hawks here. But I am not sure this is one of the red-shouldered. I couldn't get a good enough angle for me to tell and there appear to be somethings about the wings and head that don't look familiar to me for a red-shouldered.





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Not pretending to be an avian expert by any means, but I have spent a fair amount of time observing raptors...

I think I'm more inclined to think that the bird in your photos is a Broad-winged Hawk.  Even though the photos are somewhat dark, I think I am able to make out just a single light band near the end of the tail.  On a Red-shouldered Hawk, I think you'd see several bands.

Again, I'm no ID ace and I myself am known to post my fair share of dimly lit, poorly focused, distant birds for the folks in these forums to have their fun with.  Good luck with this one.  Hopefully you get some more supporting/refuting opinions to add to the mix!  ?

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16 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Looks good for a Red-shouldered to me.  I see a long-ish tail with several medium-width bands, a mostly orange underside, and pale crescents near the wingtips.


That was actually my first thought as well.  Although, my mind has been known to play tricks on me.  So I could go either way.

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