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Magnolia Warbler?

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These guys were in the local park I go to here in San Antonio early this Easter morning. In the one picture is what appears to possibly be a male and female with a N. Mockingbird in the same tree. Good reference for size comparison, they were smaller than the Mockingbird. I figured it was a warbler based upon the bill shape and the song he was singing out - but wasn't sure it was matching up to my resource for calls and songs to the detriment of my memory. But, I got the pics. Looking at my Cornell resource, the pics appear to match up, but when I tried to add to my list  for my area, the Magnolia wasn't in the list. So, am unsure of the ID.







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Ok, cool. I can see that now. I got the bill shape wrong. It just threw me off because they appeared larger than the other Lesser Goldfinches I have seen in the area. Thanks guys. Learn something new every day.

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