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Blue Grosbeak or Indigo Bunting?

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Taken in East Texas (Tyler) yesterday. I apologize about the photo quality etc., etc.... (will spare you the story about why they are so bad). 

I have limited experience observing both species. Did not get a good look at this one, but then dismissed it as an Indigo Bunting when I saw several Indigo Buntings around the feeders this morning. However, looking back at this picture, it appears this one may have rufous wingbars and a larger beak than the Indigo's i observed this morning. Enough here to say for sure one way or the other?

Thank you!



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The bill is the key ID feature here - it is just too large for a bunting. The top of the bill matches smoothly with the slope of the forehead. On a bunting, there is a noticeable notch between the top of the bill and the forehead.

Also referencing size and bulkiness - the average bunting is 4.9 inches tall. Average grosbeak is 5.9 inches tall. I don't think we can tell a 1 inch difference from these pics.

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Another for Indigo Bunting for 2 reasons (just my observations)-

1) I do not see a very distinct wing bar that the Blue Grosbeak should have. I looked over a lot of photos, in every stage the wingbars are very distinct and

2) I could not find one photo of a Blue Grosbeak that shows them with the turquoise feathering even during transition stages

Just my 2 cents :)

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