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Two Warblers (maybe)and two leftover Easter Peeps in Oklahoma

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Visiting my home state of Oklahoma for birdin....er a wedding, and I've got a few birds I'd like to confirm check the ID on or need help with. I may have been born here and grown up here, but I'm out of my birding element for sure, not having done it when I used to live here. These were all taken at the Salt Plains NWR, the peeps out on Sandpiper Trail, the warblers ? on a woods/lakeside trail up in the trees, Eagle Roost Trail.

eBird tells me the warblers that should be here right now are: Black-and-white, Yellow, Prothonotary, Orange-crowned, Nashville, Yellow-rumped, Wilson's, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Parula. But as we know, during migration all bets are off.

The first one I'm leaning toward Orange-crowned, with the full yellow underside and the faint eye line. But the possible streaking also brings to mind Palm.




2. Lack of any coloring or streaking, I was wondering Lucy's, but the faint eye line and no eye ring...maybe I'm looking at something that's not a warbler,  though the tail tells me otherwise...



Finally, two peeps that are likely either Baird's or Least, but I'd like to rule out White-rumped (which I've never seen before) or the remote chance of a Western.






Well, darn it, it's raining today, so do I go hang out with relatives or go get soaked and bird anyway? I think we all know the answer....thank you in advance for assistance! T

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Thank you for the help, very much! I'll submit the three, and see if the Palm clears the rare designation. Also will take a look at the Warbling Vireo as a contender for the second.

I found a Bell's Vireo today at another state park, so getting out in the cooler temps and wet weather was worth it!

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28 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I'd say the warbler is an Orange-crowned.  I'd expect to see a dark base to the undertail, darker cheeks, and malar stripes on a Palm.

Hmm. I see what you mean, but Eastern, celata Orange-crowns shouldn't be that yellow.

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11 minutes ago, akiley said:

Hmm. I see what you mean, but Eastern, celata Orange-crowns shouldn't be that yellow.

There are some photos on eBird of pretty yellow Orange-crowneds taken in Oklahoma.


This one looks especially like the OP's bird: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/54485311

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