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Red Knot? at Boundary Bay

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Hi All,

please confirm this Red Knot flying with Black-bellied Plovers at Boundary Bay, BC yesterday.

I later on spotted another bird feeding in the mud, but I don't think it's the same.

Thank you








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I'm not sure what you mean by stripe/strike... but, here are my thoughts. I'm not an expert on any of these birds but I enjoy comparing details in the field guides. Maybe one day they'll all sink in enough and I can recall them at will. ha

So looking at the birds in flight, my first though was that the bill didn't look long enough to be that same dowitcher. I was as confused as you at the suggestion.

BUT... looking at the pictures in Sibley's guide, I got the same exact impression of their in flight pictures. Everything, even the bill, appeared smaller in flight. The white mark on the back, the dark on the wings, the light on part of the wings... all the details in your photo match Sibley's drawing of a dowitcher in flight. So, I'm inclined to agree with them(they're pretty good at this anyway)
And the in flight pictures of a red knot don't look like your bird at all.

Where I live, the black-bellied plovers, dunlin, and dowitchers are always exciting to see as they do pass through but, aren't found extremely often. And they're just all neat birds.

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