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Saw this on eBird at a local hotspot and am curious now...  This was yesterday, I had be debating on going up there the other day... there were avocets one day but the next, they were gone. Seen them before but they're always pretty cool to watch. Anyway, this report has me wondering if I need to try to get up there this afternoon.
I'm not very good at interpreting someone's notes(descriptions are always tricky anyway) but this sort of sounds like a wilson's phalarope or something.



Dramatic white and black face and neck markings. Face below eye was white. Black eye stripe or possibly black eyebrow stripe broadened quickly behind the eye and along the neck before disappearing but seemed to reappear along what would be the leading edge of the wing yet fading away before reaching end of primaries. There was black below the face which made the white face stand out in contrast. My impression is that this black stripe did not form a neck ring but I was unable to visualize the throat. Otherwise the underside of the bird was strikingly white to the tail. There was a broad white stripe down the back of the head and neck contrasted by black on both sides. From the front, that white stripe appeared to start at the base of the bill as off-white and I was unable to discern when the stripe progressed to stark white. It was a single bird among lesser yellowlegs, a white-rumped sandpiper and others.


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That does sound like a phalarope description, particularly the head and neck pattern. 

It is hard to know whether to chase something or not during migration. Could still be there, could be loooooong gone. I chased a pair of Glossy Ibis yesterday that HamRHead found here in our town on Tuesday, to no avail. 

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1 hour ago, meghann said:

It is hard to know whether to chase something or not during migration. Could still be there, could be loooooong gone

Indeed... I've gone after a few that were an hour away and never relocated. Of course some were water birds on a HUGE lake.

I'm waiting a little to see if any interesting reports show up on eBird or through a local listserv but I may still get out there just because. It's 30 minutes from here and it is, by numbers anyway, the best hotspot in the county. It's a fish hatchery. One of the ponds was recently being drained creating a mudflat and, it rained out over night. I think that whole area is going to be good today. We'll see.
Last week some farms about a mile or so from the hatchery had over 20 yellow-headed blackbirds. Sometimes I wish I could afford one of those pieces of land that are for sale up there. Too many of them are having housing editions put in... everywhere... it's ugly. 😞

I might not find that phalarope today but I suspect I'll find something interesting there. I'll try to report back if I do.

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