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Small warbler on the ground!

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I saw this small warbler in early March in a small feild in southern Maine I did take pictures but the SD card in my camera will for some reason not offload photos

it had a brown/gray back yellow on head and breast with no orange I would ID as a northern Parula back early but need more I put on a parulas behavior before I can be sure 


i will try to get the photos as soon as I can

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The photo would help a lot.
There's yellow on the throat of a parula but not the head really.
As far as behavior goes, birds will often do things that they aren't described to do. I've seen all of our local woodpeckers on the ground at one point or another. Really aren't many birds that wouldn't land on the ground if there was something interesting for them there.

The books' descriptions for golden crowned kinglets say they forage HIGH in the trees and are hard to find. First ones I ever saw were foraging in some bushes about a foot off the ground.

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Metaquatic my grandson just came to me and wanted me to see the pretty yellow bird outside. It looks like the pic you have as your profile pic on here. Beautiful yellow. We live in North Mississippi and don’t usually see these? Any thoughts on the kind?

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Yes my profile pic is a Prothonotary Warbler.  Picture was taken at Lefleur's Bluff State Park in Jackson, MS.  The local Audubon Society maintains several nesting boxes in the Jackson area.  These "Swamp Canaries" are very common all over Mississippi in the Summertime.  Look for them in Mosquito infested Cypress Swamps.  It is possible to see them in you backyard during migration.

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