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Sparrow, flycatchers and shorebirds from eastern, coastal MA

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Hi again,

I would like your help with the following birds:

1) Is this a seaside sparrow? It has the grayish chest and below. It appears to show the yellowish stripe in front of eye. And I don't see the orangish mustache I would expect in a saltmarsh sparrow.


Also here are a two more photos (which I believe is the same bird):


2) Are these Eastern Wood-peewees? [There are 3-4 different birds in here] The wingbars did not look white enough for me to lean towards a willow flycatcher. At the same time, these birds were perching low, and the pewees I've seen typically perch higher up. 



3) Eastern Phoebe? This one was hanging out in the same area as the pewees. However, it seems to lack wingbars. And the bill looks fully black.


4) White-rumped sandpiper? I doubt if it's a least sandpiper with dirty legs.


5) I am not expecting this to get ID but would be interested in your thoughts. It did not look like a Willet to me. I would guess a greater/lesser yellowlegs.



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Not sure about the sparrows. The flycatchers are all Willows. The color of the wingbars is going to vary to some extent with feather wear and molt. A much better clue is that the primaries aren't very long. The last one appears to be a worn Willow as well. (Probably one of the parents -- the other ones look young.) The lower mandible appears orange, and the wingbars are heavily worn but still noticeable. Not sure about the peep -- it's a tough angle, but the bit of swelling on the end of the bill suggests Semipalmated. The last bird looks like a Greater Yellowlegs.

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