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April 26, 2019 in NW Arkansas.

These can be so frustrating sometimes but never more frustrating when I don't get a good view and by the time I have the camera ready, I get a louse photo... one is very, very uncertain with a bad photo. The other one... it will probably be a good enough photo for you guys to ID it... Part of me feels RSHA but the only transparent type spot is only on one wing(in more than one picture this showed up) so I think it's a missing feather and not that crescent you'd expect on a red-shouldered. And it sure doesn't look RTHA and I'm just uncertain... yay...




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The second looks like a young Broad-winged to me with that tail pattern, the four short wing fingers, and the stubby wings.  I also think I see a hint of a belly band (but no dark patagials) which is good for Broad-winged.  I don't think the first one is identifiable.

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