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What bird is this? [iBird Request]

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This is an example of what a user of iBird Photo Sleuth might send if we embedded the forum in the app. Unfortunately they have a choice as far as where to post and without some programming I can't force them to use a specific forum. However with a little research I might be able to find a way to just show a single forum for them to use. I will put the screens they need to use in the next response to this, so everyone can see the complexity and comment. After doing it I found it pretty straight forward since Invision has done a good job with the responsive web site design.

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Hi Gang:

I set up a set up a How to use the Forum slideshow on Google Drive and wondered if any of your experts could take a look at it. Here is the link: 


It be best to view this on your smartphone browser if possible. You need to open the first image than you should be able to swipe left to the see the subsequent screens.


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8 minutes ago, Aveschapines said:

The result looks fantastic. And at some point people will need to read/become familiar with the site, right?

Thanks Helen, thats very nice of you. Your right, if someone uses the site more than once they will most likely visit it outside the app, and maybe even from their desktop.

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