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Cassin's / Blue-headed Vireo?

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In my Denver, CO yard, I had a brief visit from a vireo yesterday. (A bit of fallout from a spring storm...) I first identified it as Cassin's, but I had a nagging feeling it was too yellow for that. Upon first glance, the bird seemed yellow like a Pine Warbler. My photos are ambivalent, depending on whether the bird is in the open or in leafy shrubs. Cassin's are regular, but uncommon migrants through the Denver metro area. Blue-headed Vireos are rare. I briefly convinced myself this is a Blue-headed, but I'm now back to leaning Cassin's, as too many of the photos in the shrubs show only slight and light yellow wash. I welcome second and third and fourth opinions, however.

DSC_0341 Vireo.jpg

DSC_0336 Vireo.jpg

DSC_0333 Vireo.jpg

DSC_0332 Vireo.jpg

DSC_0331 Vireo.jpg

DSC_0330 Vireo.jpg

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