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Riparian woods, meadows, etc., Española, N.M., this morning.

1. Bewick's Wren or Song Sparrow?  There was a Bewick's Wren singing close to this spot two weeks ago.


2. Same question, in reference to the song at about 8 and 16 seconds.  And is there anything else on here that's not a Violet-green Swallow?


3.  Is the loud, harsh wak wak wak wak wak wak at about 11 and 33 seconds a Yellow-breasted Chat?  There's clearly a chat on the recording, but this seemed louder and not to come from the same place, so I thought it was a different bird.  If so, it left a long time between calls.  Coming from a willow thicket next to the Rio Grande.  And what's that strange sound at about 24 seconds?


4. I'm interested in the wee wee wee at about 3 seconds, though at the time I was trying to record the weird Spotted Towhee (I assume) that you can hear right after that.


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