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Please help identify this bird

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I'm trying to identify this bird that is on the rocks at the lake's edge in my back yard in South Carolina.  I was outside, and suddenly realized he was sitting there about 10 ft from me and was not trying to fly away, so I became curious as to what it is.  It's approximately 5 inches in length, and I notice the white spots on his head and the long wingtips.  I'm thinking maybe it's a juvenile and he's just waiting for the parents to come back, and that's why he doesn't try to get away.

I would love to know what it is just for curiosities sake, and I can't find it in my bird books.

Thanks to anyone who can help.





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Thank you very much for the replies.  This would make sense because 2 of my neighbor's houses are completely covered with Swallow nests.  We were told they were Barn Swallows, but they're probably actually Cliff Swallows as you guys said.  Here's a pic of some of their nests, do you think this is likely where he came from?



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Yes, those are Cliff Swallow nests. Barn Swallows have open cup nests that don't attach to anything at the top, and are typically built on top of a ledge. Cliff Swallows are the only swallows we have that have those suspended nests with chimney openings.

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