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Costa Rica Falcon

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Spotted this in Tortuguero in April. Any ideas? It was a decent distance away, but looked quite small for a Peregrine Falcon - I've seen those many times in the US, Europe, etc - and just looked a lot smaller. Can't really tell what type of bird it's caught to gauge the size - there were warblers, flycatchers, all sorts all over. Thought it could possibly be a Merlin or Aplomado Falcon but those apparently are very rare in that area, and the face marking makes me think it's probably not a forest-falcon. Immature Peregrine? Would love to hear thoughts/opinions. rKgDYpc.jpgc0DVa9E.jpg

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I didn't see the front, I saw it on the tree from the angle in the photo - then it flew straight the other way. I agree, I've seen quite a few Peregrines, just seemed smaller, more slender (flying too), face seemed a bit different.

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