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Some from this summer.

42132186655_6b6426f2cd_c.jpgMale Red Saddlebags by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr

42483707124_9dfccb9b13_c.jpgWheel Bug by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr

43082496845_65185be702_c.jpgMale Sooty Dancer by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr

I'm pleased to have gotten a Flame Skimmer with a background that wasn't green or brown.

44161049602_0d0c6be0c4_c.jpgMale Flame Skimmer by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr

Back to green and up to to date.

43718479114_8ab10f2d47_c.jpgBlue-eyed Darner by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr

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2 hours ago, Spyonabird said:

I can''t see your pictures...  😞 


2 hours ago, Melierax said:

Oh no! I'm not sure what to do about that... I posted them the way I always do. Does it say they don't exist or is the post just blank?


I can see Melierix's photos in both posts, the original and in Spyonabird's quote as well. Perhaps a page refresh might help.


Edited by lonestranger
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