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Is this a marsh bird (vocal)?

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Hi there!

I was wondering what is making this primary sound in a marsh--is it a bird (I'm not talking about the Red-Winged Blackbird(s) in the background),
or perhaps is it some other animal like a frog?  I took this video to capture the sound, at Fort Foster Park in Kittery Point, Maine, on May 11th, 2019.
Here's a link to the video:



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Hey Joe,  I tried to listen to your marsh bird but the link to Vimeo said I had "unauthorized access."  Sadly, I hear that a lot in the field.

I looked up Fort Forrester Park in eBird and there is a multitude of waterfoul being reported.  Grebes and Loons make all kinds of strange sounds.  One family of birds not being reported is Rail.  This is not too unusual as they often are in thick reeds and hard to see.  If you are looking out over a large area of Cat Tails/reeds you might be hearing Rails.  Most common for you would be Clapper Rail, Sora, King Rail, and Virginia Rail.  Google those birds and listen to their sounds.  Look for them mornings and evenings on mud flats when the tide is out.  My best guess would be Clapper Rail.  Be the first to report them at Kittery Point!

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