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I'm not going to jump in and give an ID on the warbler but the bird nuts are right about it not being a canada. There should be an eye-ring for that. And I just checked the field guide and it seems the leg color would be different on a canada. 
The young magnolia(earlier than May according to the book) could look sort of like that  with something of a line across the throat(which is what probably prompted the canada ID in the first place)  I'm going by drawings in Sibley's 1st ed. so, I'm sure things can be variable. A young magnolia(in the book) should have more marks on it I'd think but, I think it's in transition perhaps. The line around the neck is still present but the bill is darkening already and, the streaks should come in provided that's what it is.

Anyway, that's my take on it. I think in the field I would have been REALLY confused if that was my photo, and probably would have posted it here to check as well.  :)  They're all fun. 

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15 minutes ago, egosnell2002 said:

This is what exams do to you.

indeed. After seeing your initial response and then looking back, I saw that collar and thought it could be a faint "necklace" like you'd see on a Canada and didn't take another look at the bird. Once the other thoughts came in from others I was like... "oh yeah..." 

Try not to overwork your brain and/or take lots of good birding breaks to center yourself. :)

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