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NE Oklahoma goose

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11 hours ago, ohsiyo said:

It's neck is much thicker than the usual Canadas. 

yeah, that's definitely the domestic in it. It's probably graylag or something but I'm not an expert on genetics. (There are some people out there that could be pretty specific here)
Something like a graylag goose would account for the almost textured look of the neck and the leg color, and I think that would also have helped the body color stay fairly Canada like as they're a bit similar in that department.

You'll find more and more people have dumped pet ducks and geese at local parks, streams, ponds, etc and they often enough will mix with the wild birds that come through. I kind of hate to see it, personally.

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Welcome to Whatbird, ohsiyo!

There's not much space here for uploads, so most people eventually upload their pictures to a hosting service and link to them here.  Some sites, such as Flickr and Imgur, can give you a BBCode link so your picture previews here and people don't need to click through to it.

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6 hours ago, lonestranger said:

I noticed that this bird is being discussed in two different threads, possibly confusing the OP as much as it first confused me. Perhaps @Aveschapines could merge the two threads together for the benefit of all of us. Here's the other thread that I'm referring to. 


Thank you! I've merged the two threads, keeping the more descriptive title. 

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