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Eastern Bluebird, American Robin or American Kestrel?

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Yes the photo is that bad haha.  Eastern Bluebird? or American Robin?  or American Kestrel?   Shot through a tint windshield.  Thought I could get closer but nope, they gone.  I'm leaning towards Bluebird but they looked large from what my crummy memory remembers.  Country road in Northern Ontario.  What do you guys think?  Thanks in advance.


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21 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

The posture looks too hunched for a kestral

I've seen them in all sorts of poses as they'll often look straight down to hunt for bugs. But I think I'll agree with bluebird. The shape of that belly and all, just can't be a kestrel...

It's VERY difficult to judge such blurry shots so, bluebird is what I THINK but am open to us all being wrong. HA. 

Yeah, I hate windshield for bird viewing. If I can stop safely, I'll stick the camera out the window. There's been a few places where we drive while we bird and....  don't tell anyone...  my daughter and I will sometimes sit in the window so my whole upper half is hanging out the side...  while still driving. Don't do this at home(or anywhere)  HA 
If I have a bad angle I'll open the window and make sure the display screen is on and just reach out and aim the best I can. Usually works better than a shot through the glass.

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