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A co-worker had this bird visit a bird house he recently made and posted in his yard. I have never seen this bird before and have not been able to identify it. He said it was a bit smaller than a robin. I'm attaching a picture. This is in northern Illinois and he saw this on Saturday, May 18, 2019.






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I'm not seeing the attachment.

10 minutes ago, mdawn said:

Would your answer change if I said the bird was iridescent blue and a white front?

No. An iridescent blue to greenish color is typical of a tree swallow... and the underside is all white. 
How'd you see the picture Sean?


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Agree with millipede...In direct sun, male tree swallows are iridescent (usually blue.) On an overcast day, they can appear black or gray. Females are mostly black/gray but sometimes have some blue.


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Is there something I need to do differently to attach the picture to make it viewable to everyone?

Also, the co-worker who saw this bird said the male goes into the bird house while the female sits on the birdhouse perch. Is this common behavior? They seem to be building a nest in the birdhouse.

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