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Help with black bird ID

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SW Denver, CO. Neighborhood park with a creek and lake, bird was in a tree right next to the small creek. Surrounding area is suburban. Seen around 9AM this morning. Overcast weather, not raining but everything was wet and damp.
Bird appeared to be sparrow/finch sized, almost all black, but if you look closely tail might have some white feathers. Looked to be eating seeds of some sort. Seemed too small to be one of the red-winged blackbirds that hang around this area, and the white in the tail is definitely off. 

Mystery Bird.jpg

Mystery Bird (2).jpg

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My daughter was in the room when I was looking, and that helped. I knew it wasn't a typical blackbird, or a cowbird.
Looks like you might have a lark bunting there.  cool bird. I've never seen one before. except in pictures.

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25 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Also I'm sorry for clogging up this thread

I don't think anyone sees it that way. Sometimes we offer suggestions and we're wrong. Happens to most of us. And some good questioning never hurts.

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