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8 minutes ago, jackalope22 said:

rather small only 5 inch

I don't want to bring up the size discussion with someone new. It's very, very, very easy to say a bird(or fish, or ____) is a certain size, and feel 100% certain of it, but be wrong... and sometimes, not even just a little wrong. I got in a discussion with someone on facebook that saw a pileated woodpecker that, well maybe it was an ivory billed because it was THREE feet tall. They wouldn't listen to anyone. They knew, from their car, looking up a tree, that the bird was bigger than a bald eagle.
Size is just that tough to judge. I've seen quite a few birds look SUPER tiny... lighting and angles come into play.
Chickadees, give or take depending on species, are in the 5 inch range.
This bird here is a little tough to judge because of the angle it is posed in. The way the bird is posed changes what we can see. If you look at a football from one angle, it looks like a round ball. If that makes sense.
I've even argued that I could judge a bird's size here before. Sometimes you can but, you need to have something to reference it to. Like a tape measure, and object you know the size of, or another bird that's next to it.
It's weird and frustrating at times how something can look bigger or smaller than it actually is. Can play with my mind in the field sometimes. I've been birding 5(ish) years or so and they still fool my eyes/brain sometimes. Kind of like optical illusions.

anyway, sorry for the over-explanation to that. We're pretty familiar with red-winged blackbirds. I used to be fooled by those females a LOT. I'd see them in a bush and they'd look small from certain angles, then all that streaking. I thought I was looking at some weird sparrow. Once in a while they still cause me to do a double take. I'll get frustrated but at the same time, I think it's kind of fun to be fooled. Sometimes anyway. HA. 

You'll also find that, certain times of year, the females and males will migrate in separate flocks. Imagine seeing a flock of these with no adult males mixed in.
Hmm, my fingers are talkative this morning.
Anyway, welcome again. Ask as many questions as you need. I sure do, ask anyone. 🙂

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I'll accept.  all above - it just appeared much smaller than the normal females I see - so I threw the additional question out. Redwings are aplenty here. 

Please close  as I agree.

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