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Out at a local pond with lots of swallows.  The majority I believe are Cliff Swallows, but their were a few (far less) that were black and white I believe these are Bank Swallows, but I need to work on the pictures to be sure. Last weekend in Southern California Orange County. 



This one was clearly more white, I didn't notice any orange.  I thought a Bank Swallow, but doesn't have the right tail.  Could it be a Northern Rough-winged Swallow?  Clearly whiter, but doesn't match the color.  Any help appreciated.   





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As I re-read my post I now know why I shouldn't post near midnight after a long day.  All take at a Southern California Lake/pond last weekend. 

My real questions are 

1) Confirming this is a Cliff Swallow:


And on this one.  Not as Orange, almost all black(Dark) and White.  Im guessing Northern Rough-winged Swallow, but doesn't match the color.  Looks like a Bank Swallow in color but doesn't match the tail pattern.  Looks most like a Cave Swallow but doesn't match the region.  I couldn't get a closer shot of this one so I might head back tomorrow. Any help appreciated. 2097797770_Swallow3(2).jpg.491682d30417de68464b2066f1537f43.jpg622963498_IMG_0294(1).jpg.dc4d087faf045d05243607471e9e2df3.jpg

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