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Oddball - Phoebe..Kingbird - Upper Great Lakes 5/25.

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I'm all over the place on this bird that was heading South out on the lake maybe 50 feet offshore.  

  • Smudgy breast, black beak I can see Phoebe
  • The white tipped tail of a Kingbird, with a pic showing it from the top looks like it may not be due to an issue with sun shining through.  
  • Bill doesn't look right for Phoebe (too thick) or Kingbird (too short).  
  • I think the tail is too long for Kingbird and I'd expect more contrast between head and neck.  Too early for the messy juveniles that I could see having less contrast.  
  • Dark underwings favor Kingbird.  






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Wacky looking thing. Bill, structure, other things wrong for Phoebe, I couldn't see this as anything besides an Eastern Kingbird I think. I find that bills often look a lot stubbier from underneath, so that could have something to do with the stubby appearance. As for hed contrast, I think it could be a lithing thing. White band on the tail eliminates pretty much everything I think as well...

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