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Shorebirds will be the death of me, lol

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Cool followup 

The area where these birds were found is the very north end of Hunting Island.  Audubon, FWS and SCDNR have been monitoring both ends of the island for various migratory shorebird species for a few years.  A couple years ago, we got signs to put out on the beach designating this area as a sensitive habitat.  Since then, there is no longer any vehicle (golf cart) traffic allowed past the signs. Also, nobody can walk a dog past the signs, even if on a leash. We can take an ATV out there, especially if we see dogs or golf cart tracks past the signs.  Today I just happened to have the chance to ride out there to check things out.  My supervisor's husband works for Audubon and I sent him the photos.  I found out that this is the first confirmed Wilson's Plover nest on the island in several years (I'll find out exactly how many years).  The intent was to minimize human interference with the shorebirds, and today was confirmation that it worked. Now it looks like they will rope off the area to prohibit any pedestrian traffic as well.  At least during certain periods, like nesting season and the time frames when oyster catchers, plovers and some terns frequent the area.  Today was just "right place, right time" and I got to catch evidence of a Wilson's nest.  This is why I never leave home without a camera, lol. 

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