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Broad-winged or Red-tailed?

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Looks more like a Red-shouldered to me with the denser, thinner breast streaking, lighter-colored head, and long-ish body and smaller proportions.  Not 100% sure because I can't see the secondaries very well in this photo.  Do you happen to have another photo?  A better photo of the wings would confirm it.

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Here's another photo, not sure if it will help.  We actually have a few Red-shoulder's that apparently nest in the neighborhood, but I didn't think this was a Red-shoulder when I saw it.  This hawk seemed larger than the usual Red-shoulder's I see, unfortunately it never made a sound while I was watching it.  One of the other things about this hawk, the Red-shoulders are usually somewhat shy, as when I happen to get close to their perch, they fly off.  This bird sat on this perch for 15-20 minutes and I walked under the tree, it didn't seem to care.  I did see it in flight and it didn't look like a Red-shoulder to me.  


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So totally not an expert at this, but the chest/belly markings on your bird are very different from the Red Tails I have here in NY.  I know there's a fair bit of difference between the varieties of Red Tails, but here at least the chest/belly markings is a band across the belly with the dark feathers "dripping" downward.  I've seen some where all that is very very pale and hard to see at a distance, but your bird has it continuing to darken up to the throat.  Even the youngster I photoed a few years ago, who didn't have his red tail yet, still had the distinct belly band.

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