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Yesterday (5/31/19) at dusk, I briefly spotted a uniquely marked bird visiting my hummer feeder. It had a red or deep orange crown, possibly entire head. The body appeared black/white or gray/white. It hovered a moment before landing, exactly the way my ruby-throats do. The low light and brief visit didn't allow time for great details, much less a pic.

My first thought was a downy woodpecker due to petite size, but I don't know if hovering is something they do. My other thought was a rufous, but I think that's a winter bird in my area.

I'm very new to birding but have recently done a lot of research on common birds in west GA. I live in a heavily wooded area, only water source is a neighbor's one acre lake about 1/4 mi away. I feel there are possibilities I'm unaware of.

Any ideas on what type of bird this could be?

Thanks! Kym

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Woodpeckers have been known to visit nectar feeders. Also many birds can hover for a very brief time - a second or two - but most can't hold a position in mid-air and make the sharp turns that hummers do. I do believe that Rufous Hummingbird would be extremely unlikely this time of year, and they don't have black-and-white bodies. Were you able to get a sense of size (remembering that it can fool you every time LOL)? If you have a camera, try to watch out for the bird and see if you can get a photo.

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