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Black grackle sized bird with white under its tail

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In general, there is no Grackle sized, black bird with white under tail that is native to Virginia.  Some possibilities in order of my opinion of what you saw;

1.  Grackles are iridescent and what you really saw was glossy light reflection rather than light feathers.

2. The bird had a leucistic (white) spot. Leucism is an abnormal plumage condition caused by a genetic mutation.

3.  The bird could be someone's exotic pet that has escaped, like a Pied Currawong native to Australia

4.  The chances are slim that you have Magpie that far east but stranger things have happened. 

Try to get a pic if it comes back.

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You need to provide more details. Like how long was the bill and what shape was the bill? How about color of the bird was it all black like a grackle or different color? About the length of the tail it had a long tail or shorter tail? The more details you can provide the better. Without a picture it makes it really difficult.

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