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Texas Hill Country flycatcher

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I saw this bird this morning at around 7:30 a.m. in Stonewall, Texas - close to Johnson City.  I only saw it briefly, and did not see it engage in what I think of as typical flycatcher behavior. The yellow was very noticeable.  I'm not from the area, and the flycatchers with which I'm familiar don't have this much yellow going so high up.  I've been looking at Gillespie County flycatchers, but can't seem to find one with comparable yellow plus the wing bars.  Any tips as to what I may be missing in trying to ID this bird would be appreciated - thanks in advance.




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Interesting!  Looks like a possibility from the maps and frequency tables.  The beak seems more like a flycatcher to me, but I'm hardly an expert.  I'll put some time into looking at photos.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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