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Hairy or downy?

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1 hour ago, Spyonabird said:

This may not be a popular answer - but I say Downy.  I think the bills looks larger because of the angle in the second picture and there is no shoulder spur.  Also, I see some spots on the outer tail feathers in the first picture.  

I'm leaning Downy, too. There does appear to be faint spots on the tail. And I wonder if it isn't missing some feathers around the bill making it appear longer.

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I like Hairy Woodpecker for this bird. Bill looks better for Hairy than for Downy. There do appear to be one or two faint spots in the white outer tail feathers, but I think these look more like dirt or something than the barring in Downy Woodpecker's tail feathers, which should be more extensive (though the backlit nature of the photo does make it hard to tell exactly what we're seeing). The black stripe from crown to nape is unbroken, which is better for Hairy Woodpecker. All that said, I'm not 100% sure and would personally leave this bird at Downy/Hairy Woodpecker without more photos.

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