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I was in Labadee, Haiti on May 31 and saw a large heron looking bird soaring overhead. It had a black body and wings with white neck and head, like a White-necked Heron. However from my research it doesn’t appear that bird is found in the Caribbean.  Unfortunately no pics as I wasn’t traveling with my camera, only binoculars. Any suggestions on what it might have been?

Another bird I saw and am having a hard time identifying was small, sparrow size or slightly bigger. It had a black head with a white spot on it, and yellow back and breast, but not a real bright yellow. Ideas?

 Thanks all

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Yes, the Magnificent Frigatebird is what I saw? I wonder why when I do a bird ID on the Merlin Bird ID app it doesn’t offer that bird as a solution. If I type in the name it comes up. I’ve had that happen a couple of times now. 

Second bird is is not the Weaver. I might have to give up on that one. 

Thanks for your help!

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